New Power Tour's Programs

New Power Tour, Inc is a 501c3 with partnerships that help income-qualified households receive assistance in reducing their energy costs.

If you meet the following income criteria, you are eligible for ALL of our assistance programs!

Income Criteria:

People per household = Maximum income threshold

1 = $24,980 or less

2 = $33,820 or less

3 = $42,660 or less

4 = $51,500 or less

5 = $60,340 or less

6 = $69,180 or less

7 = $78,020 or less

8 or more = add an additional $8,840 per person

Houghton Energy 




Is your heating bill too darn high?

New Power Tour, Inc is here to help! We organize the Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (H.E.E.T.) to help winterize homes and save their owners money. The best part? It's FREE if you meet the above income qualifications!

Heat Pump Waterheaters

If you are a customer of UPPCO or WE Energy and meet the above income criteria, then you may be eligible to upgrade your electric water heater to a heat pump water heater at NO CHARGE!

Contact us today, and let us help you get a more efficient and reliable water heater!





Click HERE for a spec sheet on the heat pump water heater.


Heating and Water-heating equipment

If you heat with propane or fuel oil in an area serviced by SEMCO, and meet the above income criteria, then we could help you to participate in an extension program and replace your heating and water-heating equipment at no cost!

Reach out today, and find out how New Power Tour, Inc. can help you!


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