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New Power Tour Programs

New Power Tour, Inc is an energy nonprofit (501c3) with partnerships that help income-qualified households receive assistance in reducing energy costs. 
We're located in Michigan and serve Houghton and Keweenaw Counties.


If you meet the following income criteria, you are welcome to sign up!

Income Criteria:

People per household | Maximum income 
1 = $25,760 or less
2 = $34,840 or less
3 = $43,920 or less
4 = $53,000 or less
5 = $62,080 or less
6  = $71,160 or less

7 = $80,240 or less
8 or more = add an additional $9,080 per person


SEMCO Customers:
Is your furnace, boiler or water heater  over 15 years old?  


UPPCO customers:
Do you heat with propane or fuel oil?
Mini-split heating is a really-efficient and fairly inexpensive way to get space heat into your home and will offset the cost of heating with propane or fuel oil. 

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