New Power Tour Programs

New Power Tour, Inc is a 501c3 with partnerships that help income-qualified households receive assistance in reducing energy costs.

If you meet the following income criteria, you are eligible for ALL of our assistance programs!

Income Criteria:

People per household = Maximum income threshold

1 = $25,760 or less
2 = $34,840 or less
3 = $43,920 or less
4 = $53,000 or less
5 = $62,080 or less
6 = $71,160 or less
7 = $80,240 or less

8 or more = add an additional $9,080 per person


Heat Pump
Water Heater


50 gallon

Mini-Split Heat Pump Heater

Heat Pump Water heaters

If you are a WE Energy customer  and meet the above income criteria, then you may be eligible to upgrade your electric water heater to a heat pump water heater at NO CHARGE!

Contact us today, and let us help you get a more efficient and reliable water heater!



If you heat with propane or fuel oil and are an income-qualified WE customer,  we can install a mini-split heat pump unit at no cost to you.

While this heat uses electricity, the technology has become very efficient.  It can be used to supplement  heat provided from propane/fuel oil, which will offset your heating costs.