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Melissa Davis

Founder of New Power Tour, Inc.

In 2006, Melissa Davis launched New Power Tour, Inc. as a non-profit organization to help local communities through the promotion of renewable, water and energy efficient technologies. 

Since then, she has led New Power Tour, Inc. on an incredible journey. She has managed efforts to winterize over 100 houses with local student volunteers, service organizations and business groups.  She's also helped over 1200 income-qualified households to replace energy consuming HVAC, appliances and LEDs with energy-efficient models.

Melissa is passionate about the work New Power Tour, Inc. does, and hopes you will consider how you can get involved!

Meet Our Board of Directors


Sarah Green, President

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Professor of Chemistry at MTU

Houghton, MI


Robert Handler, Treasurer

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Operations Manager, Sustainable Futures Institute at MTU

Houghton, MI


Lynn Artman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Program Chair of Construction Management at MTU 

Houghton, MI


Andy Roth

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Proprietor, Solar-UP Photovoltic Solutions

Houghton, MI

Todd Gast.jpg

Todd Gast

Manager, Marketing & Outreach

 Keweenaw Food Coop


Valorie Troesch

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Retired Life Expert

Dollar Bay, MI


Bob DuPont

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Retired Life Expert

Lake Eva, MI


Gretchen Janssen

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Realtor REMAXX/Douglass Houghton and Houghton County Board Commissioner 
Houghton, MI

Brad Barnett

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Director of the Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau

Atlantic Mine, MI


Zach Halkola

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CFO of PM Power Group

Hubbell, MI


JR Richardson

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Vice President of PM Power Group,

Hubbell, MI

Please thank the sponsors who have supported our previous initiatives:



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