Finland's Forest Resources 


Finland has been carefully tending and husbanding their forests since the 1920s, and the increased volume of their forest inventory reflects their consistent and wise efforts. 

"Compared to the early 1900s, the amount of growing stock in Finland has increased by over 60 percent, despite the fact that more than one tenth of Finland’s area and of the most productive forests was ceded to the Soviet Union in the 1940s.", published by the Finnish Forest Association

Consider also that they have way less to work with than we do in the U.P.

Their hardwood-to-softwood ratio is about the inverse of ours. 

They have ~30% hardwood, and 70% conifer. 

Conifers have far fewer BTUs than hardwoods. 

We have ~70% hardwood forests across the U.P.


Have a look at the graph below and click it for more great Finnish forestry facts: